- CONTRETEMPS - Graduation Movie

Selected in Annecy Film Festival and Siggraph 2013.

 All the team will be at the CTN eXpo, Burbank, from Novembre 13th to Novembre 17th
"ContreTemps" is the title of the graduation movie i worked on with Camille Perrin, Tristan Ménard, Jeremy Boutelet, Gael Megherbi and Lucas Veber.

Finaly finished, here is some pics of this short film we did during our last year of studies...now we are free...to work.


I was selected as co-author with Camille to build a story in the universe we wanted to create in a submerged city, where time is frozen. It was the beginning. Then we worked with all the team, pooling our ideas and energy to make what the movie is today.

On the project I was in charge of Direction, Storyboard, Chara-Design and Chara-Modeling, and finaly, of Lead Animation. I also spend a lot of time with the team to find a good composition for each shot, always trying to keep our first intentions for making a colorfull, poetic and spectacular tale.

From the Badass Santa to the Time Obsessed Dandy


From Little girl to the last little girl...


2 commentaires:

  1. This film will haunt me forever. It says more in a few minutes than most films in an hour. Chapeau!

    1. Wow sir, that's a big compliment !
      And it means a lot. I forward it to the team.